Thinking about Inheritance > Thinking about Inheritance January 19th 2011

Thinking about Inheritance
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January 19, 2011

I’m thinking about inheritance
I’m thinking about lineage
I’m thinking about value

I’m thinking about not painting
I’m thinking about painting
I’m thinking about my family

I’m thinking about what happens to things
I’m thinking about how we become
I’m thinking about being an artist

Grandmother = Painter
Mother = Painter
Me = Artist avoiding painting

I wonder how this will continue

I have created a setup designed to make me paint while contemplating these issues.
A big piece of glass functions as a one-way mirror, this allows me to trace my image, while the camera placed on the other side documents the process. Every time I go to the studio I sit and paint myself away. This process deletes me while allowing me to contemplate my position. I have been doing this since June 20th 2010. Shortly after I began this project I became pregnant. I decided to continue with these videos until May 2011, when the baby will be born.