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Caroline Davis Play Beings
Live performance

CAROLINE DAVIS -saxophone, electronics
SELINA TREPP -videolah
ANGELICA SANCHEZ -piano & synthesizer
CHRIS TORDINI -acoustic & electric bass
KENGCHAKAJ -live coding, synthesizer

The Play Beings ensemble was formed in an effort to embrace play and joyful resistance. Flooded with elevated memories of hula hooping, dancing, jump roping, hide-n-seeking // the motions of the self where we can imagine growth without judgment // gaze turned towards the clouds // without impermanence, they would not enjoy the ecstasy of turning into rain.

On the pragmatic end, I have been looking for ways to bring these Beings together in a space to play, and so here we are. This is the time to listen to the desires of my earliest states of consciousness in wobbly spaces, getting to know them, love them, liberate them. (Caroline Davis)