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Sherlokitty Surveillance Systems 2004
Sherlokitty Surveillance Systems 2004
mixed media installation

Installed at Art Basel 2004, Swiss Art Award

Inkjet on Photopaper 3.5m x 1.6m
4 surveillance cameras
video time delay
2 monitors
1 dvd looped trt 35 minutes
metal tape

The "Sherlokitty Surveillance Systems" series is inspired by the wall-paintings done in the 1930's as part of the WPA
program during the Depression in the USA.
These paintings fascinate me as they often represent the political and personal circumstances of life in a narrative manner.
They contain details like at the Coit tower in San Francisco a man holding a newspaper where the headline reads :
"Diego Riveras' Mural Destroyed!", referring to the mural commissioned by Nelson Rockefeller and subsequently dismantled as it
contained a portrait of Lenin.
This art portrays its times in an objective manner, showing actual events, as well as a subjective, subversive point of view of
what was going on at that particular point in time.